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Have you ever dreamed about being able to run your own business from home?

There are a lot of people who want to call the shots in their own life by waking up when they want rather than when the alarm clock blares at them, work when they feel like it, and enjoy their life without the stress of a demanding job.

Despite these desires, many people ignore them and continue with their day jobs because they are afraid of the risk. There are a lot of companies out there that just want to use you for your time and money, and then will leave you on the street. Sisel is a different type of company, and unlike many other work from home network marketing companies, they have a different goal in mind.

Why Sisel International?

Sisel is a network marketing company that improves the quality of life for individuals while earning them a substantial profit. We'll review the process in just a moment, but basically this is a company that places you in a network that is designed to actually help people, rather than just take their money and run.

By working with Sisel, you will not only be able to increase the amount of money you make and call your own shots, but you will actually be able to help real people. Your work will improve the quality of living for many people and will better their lives. Nothing is more fulfilling than having a job you enjoy, make a lot of money with, and actually benefit the lives of others.

Before moving onto the actual process, you should know that Sisel is a company that specialises in healthier products. These can be anything from shampoos that use more natural ingredients so that hair isn't harmed by chemicals, all the way to nail polish that has been redesigned so that it doesn't damage the nails and surrounding areas. This is how it helps people, and how you will be able to find fulfilling employment.

The Process

The process involves three very easy steps that will lead you to the final goal. It is very fast and will get you going in almost no time at all, and once you get started it has a snowball effect. You will continue to grow until you become so big you can't possibly fail!

  • Step 1: Just simply switch brands.

    By switching over to Sisel products, you will be able to benefit your personal health and truly understand the product. These are all healthier products that will make your hair fuller and last longer, and provide many other similar benefits. Even if this wasn't for work, it would definitely be a good idea to use these products anyways.

  • Step 2: Find people who have similar goals in mind.

    Your target audience is people that want to live healthily and don't really like the harmful chemical products that are normally used by the general public. For each person that you recommend, you will receive compensation for your efforts on a monthly basis. After each product subscription, you can feel good in knowing that you just helped someone better their own life, and you will now be gaining more money each month.

  • Step 3: Support others & watch your income snowball.

    You have now started a chain that is going to gradually increase your income. It is going to increase more and more each month. Think about it for a moment. If you recommended the products to just three people, which is a very small number, and they recommended the products to three more people each, that would make a total of 12 people using the products because of you. Not only did you just change the lives of 12 people for the better, but you would receive $210 monthly from just those clients alone. Of course, you aren't going to stop there, and people will continue to add clients that will earn you more money. It will continue to grow and grow, and your income will increase further and further as it does.

As you can see, this is all very easy. You start out by bettering your own life, then you begin to better the lives of others as well, and finally you watch your income grow substantially larger. You're on your way to the top!

Tom Mower

Tom Mower's mission all started with nothing more than a simple shampoo bottle. This is an item that most people just ignore because it is something they use everyday -- no big deal. Tom was a bit different though. One day he decided to actually read the label, and while most people wouldn't have understood it, Tom's experience allowed him to come across something that astonished him.

Since the 1970s, Tom had been working in a manufacturing company that created chemicals for products like industrial waxes and soap. These chemicals were harmful when placed on the skin or hair, and so the business had a chemical shower that employees could use if they needed to wash off the harmful ingredients if it got on their skin. Even the government required them to issue out a warning to customers to tell them to be cautious when using the product.

That astonishing ingredient that Tom came across was something that he used in his own job, and that was definitely not a good sign. These were ingredients that had warning labels all over them and had his business use an emergency shower for workers in case it got on their skin. People were using this stuff in their hair! No wonder many girls don't wash their hair everyday to keep it from wearing out, this stuff is harmful.

That's when Tom decided to make a difference. Using Sisel, he developed a shampoo product that didn't use these harmful products and were much healthier to use. This great idea is what Sisel stands behind as they market all of their products. They help people who don't know the harmfulness of the everyday products that they use.

Training & Ongoing Support

The All Star Global Team offers training for those interested in joining the market in both the United States and Australia. This training is offered because it can be scary for those that are new to sales to jump into this new marketing plan. In fact, many people originally doubt their own ability because they've never done something like this before.

Not only will you learn about how to market these products and start getting clients, but you will be inspired and motivated as well. The All Star Global Team will help you create a goal for yourself to begin earning an income that you can live off of. This can start small if you aren't so sure, or if you are a real go-getter you can jump right in with a large goal in mind.

Most people start with the $1,000 a month goal because it is easy to obtain and allows them to dip their toes into the water before diving in. During this time you can continue to keep your day job while you build you income, and once you are totally sure that you can live off of your new work, you can jump right in. Take it one step at a time until you find yourself in control of your own life.


You can finally take control of your life. You will be able to take vacations when you please, spend more time with your family, get yourself out of debt, have more spending money, save money with taxes, and much more! You only live once and have a limited amount of life on Earth, so begin living life your way!


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SISEL Independent Distributors - All Star Global Team

Take Back Your Life with help from the All Star Global Team of SISEL Independent Distributors who are committed to helping people create a better lifestyle with toxic free products and regular income from their own home-based business.

All Star Global Team has a very strong and interactive support system for our SISEL Independent Distributors. Unlike some other companies who give their new associates a simple welcome kit and throw them out on our own to sink or swim, we employ a hands-on approach to make sure our distributors are fully equipped with the tools and confidence they need to be successful and meet their goals.


Sisel International provides several excellent resources to equip each Independent Distributor right from the very start. The first of these tools is the Distributor Kit. This kit contains invaluable information that will provide all the basic information needed to get your fledgling business up and running and well on its way to success. It is full of tips and guidelines outlining how to be the most effective and bring in the most sales.

In addition the Distributor Kit, we also offer many other tools to help you take your business to the next level. One of most recommended of these tools is the personalized website. This website is completely customizable with pictures, profiles, videos, and many other extras. It is designed to help the distributor provide outstanding service and interaction with their customers as well as providing an online presence that is very helpful in expanding your market. The first month is free to try with a reasonable monthly fee afterwards.

Also included in this low fee is an interactive information sharing and tracking system. This system comes in the form of both a computer disk and a web-link to the personalized website. This unique system allows the distributor to track and see what information the prospects have viewed on the site, and to communicate with them individually according to how informed we are on the product.

For those wishing to promote certain products that Sisel International offers, there are a couple of dedicated pages that can be added onto the website. These pages include the 12 Week Challenge Page for the weight loss program as well as a dedicated page for the TSX products. Both of these pages are very high-energy and informative. They each show a promotional video of the product as well as providing information, answering questions, and providing a sign-up form that will collect their contact information and send it to the distributor for follow-up.

There are also several invaluable printed promotional products available to help increase sales. The first of these is the product catalogue. The catalogue is also available in PDF form as well as a Spanish version. These can be shared with prospects or current customers to allow them to browse our full array of products available. Other printed support materials available are pocket cards, pop cards, brochures, tri-folds and business cards. This wide assortment of resources will provide the distributor with several options to choose from to garner publicity and promote sales.


In addition to the resources provided by Sisel, All Star Global also contributes a broad array of supplementary support. We have a cover letter that can be personalized to accompany the catalogue as well as sample pack suggestions and order form for parties. For those using SiseLEAN sample packets, we also provide an introductory letter that includes recipes to get your customers started using the product.

There are several customizable labels available in either Microsoft Publisher or as a PDF that are very useful and time saving. We have convenient contact labels available, as well as several options for catalogue labels. We also have fully customizable labels for the back of the Sisel Pop bags at your disposal.


Training is very important to us at All Star Global and we endeavour to furnish our distributors with the best outstanding coaches and learning opportunities to make them successful. We start out by providing three levels of Independent Distributor training via our website. This is the basic training that will give each distributor the confidence and knowledge we need to get our business off the ground successfully. We also host regular webinars, recorded training calls, and a variety of coaching videos for ongoing support. In addition, there are several supporting documents available to print online explaining topics such as the comp plan, how residual income works, and some examples of it in action.


Come join the All Star Global Team in this world wide mission, there's no other MLM company like SISEL International and we don't believe any other home based business will ever be as good as SISEL. Join us for the environmentally friendly, toxin free products and the amazing global business opportunity now in 36 countries around the world, including Australia. Tom Mower believes in the power of teamwork in network marketing to promote his mission to improve our health and make our homes SiselSafe.

Tim Grosvenor and his Sizzle Biz Team leaders are strong believers in the power of teamwork. We believe in providing the support and training that will make each part of the team successful. We keep open and strong lines of communication with each member as well as providing recognition for accomplishments and growth. We believe that our team is more than a team - it is a family. We hope you will join our family!

Would you like to have the TIME FREEDOM to do more of what you really enjoy doing?

With a lucrative Network Marketing Business Opportunity you can Work from Home at a time that suits your lifestyle desires. SISEL International's scientifically tested, highly effective toxin free products together with one of the most generous Compensation Plan provide a unique and life-changing opportunity to earn significant income and enjoy improved health.

Apart from taking these great products to improve your own health and wellbeing, you can also earn income by simply referring other people to these products. It's much like when you eat at a good restaurant or see a great movie you naturally want to tell all your friends about it. When you tell people about the great toxic free products, SISEL actually pays you directly!

How good is that! Instead of spending Millions of dollars in advertising, Sisel International pays their Brand Partners and Independent Distributors to promote their products.